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How to work with multiple branch to land
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Asked by damio on Apr 21 2016, 10:32 AM.


Hi, I'm looking for the workflow when landing in two different branches (the "normal" one and another one for a big feature). On the normal branch it's easy but on the big-feature branch, my workflow for now is:

  • checkout big-feature,
  • new branch for feature => very-cool-addition
  • work work work
  • arc diff big-feature
  • when accepted I download the diff, checkout big-feature and do cat D54.diff | git apply and commit (and I have to manually do the commit message).
    • This is because arc land big-feature is not working (it's taking a whole lot more commits than necessary).

So, I was just wondering:

  • is there a documented workflow for people working like this ?
  • Also, is there a way for arc to just create the commit message for me. Something like arc commit D87 or arc commit-message D87

EDIT: arc diff feature-branch is working well in fact

Answer Summary

I found the command I was looking for: arc amend

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