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Is it possible to use a prototype application without endanger the environment?
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Asked by OCram on Sep 17 2015, 8:45 AM.


In General we would like to use a prototype application (Calendar) in our phabricator installation.

Furthermore I'm fully aware of the facts in Prototypes but I'm still not sure if we damage our environment.

If an application passes the prototype state, is it possible to keep its data, or do a migration?

Thanks for your Help!


Updated 1,790 Days Ago

Core features of a prototype will not likely lose data. For instance in Calendar, I can't imagine we'd just start deleting events or wipe to a new data format, stuff would get migrated. But if we decide icons are useless in Calendar or votes are useless in Ponder, we might remove them. In Ponder, we removed voting, but kept the data in case any install decided they still wanted the data.

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