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Phabricator on HipHop Vm
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Asked by tycho.tatitscheff on Sep 7 2015, 11:16 PM.


I already read and then T1261: PHP / HPHP Compatibility Issues but that seems rather outdated.

  • Are they advantages to run phabricator on hhvm
  • How to do this
  • Have you ever done this
  • What kind of problem did you encounter

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Experiences with phabricator HHVM


Updated 3,182 Days Ago

This isn't supported by the upstream and we certainly don't recommend testing it in a production environment. Also, it's helpful to know why this question was asked to begin with, as HHVM likely doesn't solve any problems Phabricator has. If your install is slow, then we should start there are look at the real data to help resolve it.

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