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Is there a way to bulk accept audits?
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Asked by OCram on Sep 3 2015, 6:41 AM.


One of our developers did 85 commits on a branch which caused audits. I would like to accept all of them.
Is there a way to accept them all in a bulk edit way?


Updated 3,207 Days Ago

This functionality does not yet exist in Phabricator. You can used bin/audit delete to clear out mis-triggered audits from the command line.

A "bulk workflow" feature is being tracked in T5815 and maybe in T9132.

Updated 2,657 Days Ago

Please note that after running bin/audit delete, you have to run bin/audit synchronize --all to clear the audit status of commits.
Keep in mind that in a large instance --all may not be the best option.

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