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Phacility Prioritization Service Agreement
Updated 3,161 Days Ago

IMPORTANT: We no longer offer Paid Prioritization. See T12681. This document is now obsolete.

This document outlines the specifics of prioritization. Please review it before accepting an estimate.

To learn more about paid prioritization, see Paid Prioritization.

This document describes the prioritization service we offer. We want to make sure your expectations are clear before we agree to prioritize work for you.

Paid Prioritization

You may offer to pay us to prioritize the development of certain software features. At our discretion, we may accept your offer. This process is informal and does not create an obligation for either party: we have no obligation to deliver the work, and you have no obligation to pay us.

We Own Our Work

We own all the work we produce and retain all of the intellectual property rights. We will release the work as part of the Phabricator upstream, under the same open source license that Phabricator is normally available under. This will allow you (and all other users) to benefit from the work.

We do not offer custom or closed-source development services at this time.

No Warranty

As the work becomes available, you (and all other users) may use the work in accordance with the license. Paying us to prioritize work does not grant you any special rights to the work, and does not imply any additional warranty. Your rights with respect to the work are dictated solely by the software license and are no different from the rights of other users.


If you make a private offer to pay us to prioritize features, we will make a reasonable effort to avoid disclosing your identity or the identity of your organization unless you instruct us otherwise.

We may disclose non-identifying details, including that we have been paid to prioritizing the feature, our estimates and timelines, our status and progress, and the number of hours we spend to complete the feature.


We will maintain work we produce indefinitely, without cost. We will decline work which we believe we can not maintain indefinitely, unless we reach an agreement about the lifetime of a feature.

On rare occasions, unforeseen events (including changes in our plans for the product) may affect our ability to maintain a feature, and we may remove features from the product, including features we have prioritized for you. If we do, your only recourse is to continue using an older version of the product which included the feature.


We will often estimate the cost and timeline for services before rendering them. These estimates represent our best guess, but may be unreliable. These estimates are non-binding and create no obligation.

Pay Only When Satisfied

Payment is not due until delivery. If you are not completely satisfied with the any aspect of the service (including the product, timeline, price, or anything else), you are not expected to pay us.