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Add "High Security" mode to support multi-factor auth

Authored by epriestley on Apr 24 2014, 1:55 AM.



Ref T4398. This is roughly a "sudo" mode, like GitHub has for accessing SSH keys, or Facebook has for managing credit cards. GitHub actually calls theirs "sudo" mode, but I think that's too technical for big parts of our audience. I've gone with "high security mode".

This doesn't actually get exposed in the UI yet (and we don't have any meaningful auth factors to prompt the user for) but the workflow works overall. I'll go through it in a comment, since I need to arrange some screenshots.

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When you try to take a "high security" action (like adding a new public key to your account)... get prompted to enter "high security" mode. In the future, this will request an SMS code, TOTP token, or password:

If you get past the prompt, you enter high security and can perform the action. High security is bound to your session and lasts for 15 minutes. While in high security, a persistent notification reminds you to leave it when you're done.

The session panel has been updated to show which sessions are in high security. You can downgrade your session to normal security from this UI, too.

If you downgrade or click the notification, you leave high security:

Choosing to leave restores your session to normal:

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