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Send emails to subscribers when builds pass or fail

Authored by hach-que on Mar 24 2014, 4:31 AM.


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T1049: Implement Harbormaster

Ref T1049. This is a very basic implementation of sending emails to subscribers of build plans when the build passes or fails. At the moment it doesn't embed any information other than a link to a build (e.g. it doesn't pull in the container, buildable or plan name).

It is probably also missing logic to check whether the subscriber can see the buildable / container that the email is about. Since the only thing that's included right now is a link, it shouldn't be too harmful, but a policy check definitely needs to be added when the logic changes to pull in build information (such as plan and buildable).

Test Plan

Added a mailer implementation that writes the mail information to a Phabricator file and verified that the message arrives correctly (I can't send an actual email out from my development machine).

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The new application transactions for Harbormaster negate the need for this diff.