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Pass an integer to stream_select() for correctness

Authored by epriestley on Mar 19 2014, 12:09 PM.



Ref T4627. Passing $timeout_sec is slightly more correct here, although there is no change to program behavior.

Test Plan

Used this script to verify that passing 0 and 0.999321 (for example) have the same effect to stream_select():


$spec = array(
  0 => array('pipe', 'r'),
  1 => array('pipe', 'w'),
  2 => array('pipe', 'w'),

$pipes = array();
$proc = proc_open('sleep 30', $spec, $pipes);
list($stdin, $stdout, $stderr) = $pipes;

$read = array($stdout, $stderr);
$write = array();
$except = array();

$select_start = microtime(true);
stream_select($read, $write, $except, 0.999321, 80000);
$select_end = microtime(true);

  "select() took %d us to return.\n",
  ($select_end - $select_start) * 1000000);

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