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Correct some issues around IMPORTED_PERMANENT in RefEngine

Authored by epriestley on Jan 23 2021, 12:38 AM.



Ref T13591. Fixes a few issues with the recent updates here discovered in more thorough testing.

Test Plan
  • Stopped the daemons.
  • Created a new copy of Phabricator in Diffusion.
  • Pulled it with bin/repository pull ....
    • Got 17,278 commits on disk with git log --all --format=%H.
  • Set permanent refs to "master".
  • Discovered it with bin/repository discover ....
    • This took 31.5s and inserted 17,278 tasks.
    • Verified that all tasks have priority 4,000 (PRIORITY_IMPORT).
    • Observed that 16,799 commits have IMPORTED_PERMANENT and 479 commits do not.
      • This matches git log master --format=%H exactly.
  • Ran bin/repository refs .... Expected no changes and saw no changes.
  • Ran bin/worker execute --active for a minute or two. It processed all the impermanent changes first (since bin/worker is LIFO and these are supposed to process last).
    • Ran bin/repository refs. Expected no changes and saw no changes.
    • Marked all refs as permanent.
    • Starting state: 16,009 message tasks, all at priority 4000.
    • Ran bin/repository refs, expecting 479 new tasks at priority 4000.
    • Saw count rise to 16,488 as expected.
    • Saw all the new tasks have priority 4000 and all commits now have the IMPORTED_PERMANENT flag.

Diff Detail

rP Phabricator
Lint Not Applicable
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