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When an object which supports subtypes is created, set its subtype to the creating form's subtype

Authored by epriestley on Mar 2 2017, 12:40 AM.
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Ref T12314. If you set a form to have the "plant" subtype, then create a task with it, save "plant" as the task subtype.

For Conduit, the default subtype is used by default, but a new "subtype" transaction is exposed. You can apply this transaction at create time to create an object of a certain subtype, or at any later time to change the subtype of an object.

This still doesn't do anything particularly useful or interesting.

Test Plan
  • Created a non-subtyped object (a Paste).
  • Created "task" and "plant" tasks via different forms.
  • Created "default" and "plant" tasks via Conduit.
  • Changed the subtype of a task via Conduit.
  • Tried to set a bad subtype.

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