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Push typehead browse result selector button down one <div>

Authored by epriestley on Jun 21 2016, 10:12 PM.



Fixes T11190. The div with all the stuff in it was sometimes ending up on top of the "select" button, making it unclickable.

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Clicked "select" in several browsers.

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What do you think about making the entire area clickable and have the [ Select ] be [ View ] instead?

I think it's really weird for text to be an action and a button to be a link. That's opposite from how I expect interfaces to work.

I mis-click the row all the time, since that's how typeaheads work. :(

I'm fine skipping the "View" part then, and just have the row work as well like we do on the ObjectSelector?

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More specifically:

  • Making the entire thing a selector seems reasonable, although the element doesn't look very selectable to me. We can add hover, but I worry that will only be a weak hint. We could make the names links to hint that they're clickable.
  • Doing this may be a nontrivial amount of work, I think the dialog is currently cheating and taking advantage of the fact that Workflow dialogs have some special behavior when you click a <button />. Tractable, but not 5 seconds of work.
  • I think "View" on a button is weird, but just dropping a link there is also kind of weird. I don't particularly like the "[^]" icon thing we have going on in the main objet selector, either. Maybe an icon-link on the right or something? Although this may trip up existing users.

Oh, do you actually use this UI? I essentially never use it...

This might not be as bad as the "tags". I just always went to click on the "tag" when I saw the one I wanted since it looked like a tokenizer.

Just ship this and if I keep mis-clicking I'll look into a fix myself.

Yeah, that makes sense -- let's table this for now since I don't really want to rewrite Workflow yet and take another look after the main ObjectSelector gets updated? I'd like to fix that one too since I don't really like the current solution there, and maybe making them look and work more similarly is a good approach.

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