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Pick context windows for inlines in a slightly smarter way

Authored by epriestley on May 5 2016, 6:09 PM.
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Ref T10694. This mostly prevents us from having a degenerate case if someone leaves a 200-line inline.

  • For one-line inlines, show 1 line of context above and below (3 lines total).
  • For 3+ line inlines, show just the inline.
  • For 7+ line inlines, show only the first part.
Test Plan

Made a bunch of weird long/short/different-sized comments, saw reasonble-appearing context in text and HTML mail output.

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little inline


Medium inline.



more icons, more roundeder corners, more gradients needed

This is what I'm seeing, which doesn't look terrible:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.26.03 AM.png (753×942 px, 114 KB)

Are you seeing something way worse?


I'm not sure we can do icons in mail

But feel free to graident/round everything

Well, doesn't look totally terrible to my untrained engineer-eyes, at least.

let me get kiddo to nap then i'll photomock something

Sounds good.

We can probably use actual unicode character "icons", but it looks like data:.. URIs don't work in a ton of clients and I don't think we can get FontAwesome working in Gmail from googling. We could serve actual images off Phabricator, but I suspect we may be dissatisfied with the results/complexity/support load that generates.

i was joking about icons, I know you love them

Did you see how many icons I added to repositories? Whole thing is basically just different icons now.


This is a reply with some inline styles.


This is a reply with a quote block containing a codeblock, which might be probably somewhat difficult to parse visually in mail?