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Phame drafts editable from query results

Authored by cinek on Mar 7 2016, 2:45 PM.


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Replace text "Draft Post" with a button to edit the draft in the Phame
post query result list. It saves two clicks and does not hide the fact
that it is a draft.

This patch refers to T10533.

Test Plan
  • Made sure, I have a Phame draft.
  • Clicked on "View All" in Phame.
  • See results which are drafts having a "Edit Draft" button, instead of "Draft Post" text.
  • Clicked on the "Edit Draft" button to see, if edit function works.

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Buildable 11044
Build 13658: arc lint + arc unit

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I'm not sure I understand what this diff is trying to solve, since there is a draft list directly on PhameHome. Are you using Dashboard Panels? See Contributing Feature Requests and Contributing Code. Since Phame is a prototype, it's best we understood the core problem you are having using it before deciding a final course of action. Thanks!

This patch refers to the feature request in T10533. I wrote there that Phame's main application page has got the feature to directly continue to edit a draft. I like this feature (shortcut) and I would like to have it in the list of drafts which you get from this search query for drafts, because

  1. I tend to navigate to the search results quite often. By the way, I also end up in the Blog View, perhaps even more often, where there should be also a direct edit link to continue to edit the (grayed out) draft without clicking three times (this patch does not adress this).
  2. And it would nice to have a bookmark to see the available drafts, instead of the Phame main page. It's not very intuitive to search for drafts and to have a bookmark to Phame. I cannot really remember that to get to my drafts I should go to the Phame main page. It is more intuitive to have a link where drafts are all listed as a dedicated page and from there directly edit them.
  3. I find it annoying to click that many times a day (I update the draft about 20 to 30 times a day and it gets published weekly).

I know that code contributions are generally not accepted, I've read the code contribution guidelines. That's why I opened the feature request in T10533. I just found it fair to add a quick solution, so you get the idea what I mean there.

My main concern here is I still don't understand the root problem. Our intention is to provide easy access to drafts on PhameHome. If that list isn't sufficient, especially if you're trying to dig up that information 10 times a day, then we'd like to know what information is missing. This improves PhameHome for everyone.

Also, it's not that it isn't reasonable to add this, it's just that there is something obviously wrong with PhameHome if this feature is needed from the onset. I'd like to know what's inadequate about the draft list on PhameHome.

Editing a draft is a main activity for me when I handle drafts. What I would like to have is a dedicated view on drafts which I can bookmark. From there the obviously most important activity is to edit a draft, not so much viewing it.

When I view the collection of drafts in the current version, I need 3 clicks to get to editing a draft.

The first problem is that the main page is not adequate to bookmark for a "Collection of Drafts". Intuitively, it is a collection of posts and not drafts. I also don't like the box listing the drafts because it is too small and cuts titles where most significant information is at the end.

This solution gives me what I want. I can have a bookmark for the collection of drafts and I can use them directly for the main activity of editing a draft, available on just one click.

Awesome thanks for the feedback. We'll be sure to address this need before Phame leaves prototype (please leave any other feedback on T9897 directly). The main thing here for us is to gather feedback on prototypes so we can plan the right long term solution.

Mostly, I think we'll solve this another way (and you'll be able to bookmark it). Specifically the list of posts returned from ApplicationSearch will likely be more feed-like for embedding in Panels. Adding an edit action would only work in some layout views, not all of them. I expect Phame to wrap up in the next month or two (it's on the short term roadmap).

Sounds good. I see that this solution is not interacting well with panels.