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Update Maniphest for PHUITwoColumnView

Authored by chad on Mar 4 2016, 6:58 PM.
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rP2b1ac4fcec82: Update Maniphest for PHUITwoColumnView

Reworks Maniphest into a two column view. Moves priority and color to header, assignee to sidebar. quest points to header, and author to gutter. may be some confusion since priority only displays on open tickets.

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with and without description, custom fields, points, tablet, mobile and desktop.

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mar 4 2016, 7:06 PM

Got more testing to do locally, but still planning to wait until stable is cut.

chad edited edge metadata.
  • Switch to PHUITagView for status tags in the header
  • Pick unique icons for Maniphest open/closed states
  • move author to sidebar
  • better property spacing on mobile
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I admit that this UI change on maniphest kinda shock me the first time. After some thought, I think it is globally more explicit than before.

But some things feels a little bit incoherent to me :

  • the descriptions header :
    • pasted_file (211×1 px, 36 KB)
      has a blue background for Maniphest (wich i found a bit disturbing since the blueish background have mostly been replaced by grey one (in phame for instance))
    • pasted_file (213×1 px, 25 KB)
      has no background for project (less eyes catching).
  • I found quite hard to separate the information in three zoned
    informationssplited.png (834×1 px, 161 KB)
    maybe I'm not used to it but in the process of reading, I think I do 1 -> 2 ->3 (spending some time understanding discussion) -> skipping 4 (if I don't want to give a token or make another actions) and **only then** I read 5. But I think 5 is as much important as the title : it gives the information about who writes the task, and if it is assigned or up for grab (wich is useful in case if there is a bit more dev). Thus I think 5 would have a better place between 1 and 2. Maybe in Detail. Maybe beetwen 2 and 3

Quoting from :

In particular, this new design gives us more flexibility to layout content for objects, especially when objects have unusual content or a lot of actions. Prior to this change, objects with many actions and few properties developed a yawning vastness of empty space underneath the properties, and this approach allows us to start the content earlier instead.

I would say that author, assigned and maybe project are really important part of maniphest (for project as least more than other ponder for instance, project have a center place for maniphest : workboard for instance doesn't exist for other things than tasks for now). It also feel strange if we dont display the project in (2) that we are displaying the diff in in own case.

I fully understand the need of a treadoff, and that I globally found the change perfectly done, except for maniphest.

For instance, in paste, the project have little importance (not as tied as maniphest task are to project) and the author is clearly visible (Authored by XXXX) while in maniphest, the task get some comments, it get masked under the yellow Change from before ....

Screen_Shot_2016-03-04_at_6.07.40_PM.png (1×1 px, 189 KB)

Not sure how much this feedback is valuable/clear.
I hope it can helps upstream to identify some remaining issues : else than this, the moves two a two column is great !

It was called out in the blog post, but to be more clear, the sidebar has not been designed yet. I've merely split the content for now and converted most apps over to it. The expectation is there will be less actions and richer panels. I don't even have the ability to reorder the content there currently.