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Ignore list for PhabricatorBotObjectNameHandler

Authored by dereckson on Feb 21 2016, 6:08 AM.
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This change introduces an ignore list, intended
to contain senders the bot shouldn't react to.

The ignore list could be added to the configuration,
at ignores.objects key.

Fixes T10404.

Test Plan

Add to the bot config an ignore list:

"ignores.objects" : [

An user in the ignore list says a symbol. It's ignored.

Another one too. A link is sent.

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rP Phabricator
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See T7829.

Bot stuff is generally a very low priority and I don't expect to review or merge any of it for a long time (roughly, around the Bot/API iteration of Conpherence, which is months/years away).

PhabricatorBot is now gone.