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Add a generic key-value mapping table to Harbormaster

Authored by epriestley on Oct 15 2015, 1:54 AM.



Ref T9456. When we tell CircleCI to build something, it's going to give us back a build ID, like "123".

Later, it will make a call to us saying "I finished the build for build 123, here it is: ...".

We need to be able to go figure out what "build 123" is. There's no real way to do this right now. We can store it on a target, but we can't efficiently figure out which target it is on without loading every target and then looking at all of them, which would be really slow.

Add a basic indexed key-value table so we can write something like <, PHID-HMBT-abcdeffe23f2> and figure out which target the build is talking about.

Test Plan

Clean bin/storage upgrade? This will get used properly in the next diff or two and I'll fix it if anything doesn't work.

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There's a fairly good chance that this will be "circle CI build number storage table" forever, but it's only like 80 lines even if that's true.

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This appears to be working OK in the next diff, although I'm not reading it yet:

mysql> select * from harbormaster_keyvaluepair;
| id | objectPHID                     | pairIndex    | pairKey           | pairValue                                            | dateCreated | dateModified |
|  1 | PHID-HMBT-kud3bm7apbays2lmw7so | qyy6SlT5RxYW | | {"buildTargetPHID":"PHID-HMBT-kud3bm7apbays2lmw7so"} |  1444879444 |   1444879444 |
|  2 | PHID-HMBT-v6eychoop5ofpxh5tpt5 | lo6ftFSlkC6G | | {"buildTargetPHID":"PHID-HMBT-v6eychoop5ofpxh5tpt5"} |  1444879496 |   1444879496 |
|  3 | PHID-HMBT-k4suf5k76icw7kdzght3 | yPBSScDO5s1t | | {"buildTargetPHID":"PHID-HMBT-k4suf5k76icw7kdzght3"} |  1444879790 |   1444879790 |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)
epriestley abandoned this revision.Oct 15 2015, 3:45 PM

We can actually figure out which target it is from the callback, since we get all the parameters we passed back. This is good: simpler, and no race window.