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2013-09 September
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Major Changes

  • Many core UI elements have been updated.
  • All major applications now support policies.
    • Diffusion now supports policies.
    • Differential now supports policies.
    • Maniphest now supports policies.
    • Policies are broadly functional, although the UI/UX is still rough.
    • UI/UX will improve in the near term.
    • Object headers now show policy information.
    • Policy exceptions are now more informative.
    • Added bin/policy for CLI access to (and control of) policies.
  • Maniphest now uses ApplicationTransactions.
    • Maniphest comments can now be edited.
  • Maniphest now uses ApplicationSearch.
    • The search interface for tasks is now more consistent and more powerful.
  • Diffusion now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Many Diffusion interfaces have UI updates.
  • Twitter is now supported as an authentication provider.
  • JIRA is now supported as an authentication provider.
  • Fixed another extremely serious issue where there was a string in "serious business" mode that wasn't as serious as possible.
  • Image macros can now play sounds.
  • We've added a large number of database migrations in the last month. You may want to budget a little extra time to upgrade.


  • Herald now supports "exists" for Reviewers.
  • Herald dry runs now continue testing "only once" rules.
  • Herald now supports Maniphest.
  • Herald now supports content sources.
  • Herald rule views are now more readable.

Bug Fixes / Minor Features

  • Remarkup now supports 1), 1., etc., as ordered list identifiers.
  • Fixed an issue with the %%% literal block in Remarkup.
  • Fixed a few rare issues with parsing in arc.
  • arc now supports https.blindly-trust-domains.
  • Fixed an issue with running arc patch from a subdirectory in git.
  • Users can now customize how times of day are formatted.
  • Fixed an issue with darkconsole.always-on.
  • Task priorities are now customizable.
  • Improved compression of PNG thumbnails.
  • Fixed excessively aggressive normalization of #projects.
  • Fixed an issue with bin/audit issuing silly queries.
  • Added differential.querydiffs.
  • Fixed an issue where, e.g., hiragana inputs in tokenizers failed in Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue with "bugtraq" integration with no selection regexp.
  • Fixed an issue where Diffusion did not show change types properly.
  • Fixed an issue where tokenizers were difficult to use on iDevices.
  • Files now has improved support for HTML5 audio.
  • Audio can now be embedded in Remarkup.
  • Password registration now requires a CAPTCHA if captchas are configured.
  • Fixed an issue where cursor paging could end up looping.
  • Fixed an issue with Maniphest fulltext search and ElasticSearch.
  • Feed stories for tokens now name the token.
  • Fixed an issue where some draggable lists did not support dragging an element into the first position.

Developer / Infrastructure

  • HTTPSFuture can now expect non-200 responses.
  • HTTPSFuture can now ignore redirects.
  • PhutilTypeSpec can now validate regular expressions.
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