Support Resources
Phabricator User Documentation (Introduction)

Resources for reporting bugs, requesting features, and getting support.


This document describes available support resources.

The upstream provides active, free support for a narrow range of problems (primarily, security issues and reproducible bugs).

The upstream does not provide free support for general problems with installing or configuring Phabricator. You may be able to get some help with these kinds of issues from the community.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

The upstream accepts, fixes, and awards bounties for reports of material security issues with the software.

To report security issues, see Reporting Security Vulnerabilities.

Reporting Bugs

The upstream will accept reproducible bug reports in modern, first-party production code running in reasonable environments.

To report bugs, see Contributing Bug Reports.

Requesting Features

The upstream accepts feature requests which describe problems you would like Phabricator to be able to solve.

To request features, see Contributing Feature Requests.


Phabricator is a very difficult project to contribute to. New contributors will face a high barrier to entry.

If you'd like to contribute to Phabricator, start with Contributor Introduction.

Installation and Setup Help

Installation and setup help is available from the upstream at consulting rates. See Consulting for details.

Helping individual installs navigate unique setup problems takes our time away from developing Phabricator, so we can not offer this service for free.

You may be able to get free help with these issues from the community. See below for details.


The upstream offers Phabricator as a hosted service at Phacility. This simplifies setting up and operating a Phabricator instance, and gives you access to a broader range of upstream support services.

Running this service gives us a strong financial incentive to make installing and operating Phabricator as difficult as possible. Blinded by greed, we toil endlessly to make installation a perplexing nightmare that none other than ourselves can hope to navigate.


The upstream offers prioritization, a service which allows you to control our roadmap and get features you're interested in built sooner at reasonable rates. See Prioritization for details.


The upstream offers general-purpose consulting services. See Consulting for details.


These resources are not provided by the upstream. They are not official support channels and you may not receive support here, or you may receive help which is misleading or wrong.

You may be able to get answers to questions on sites like Stack Overflow, Quora, Jelly, or Twitter. The upstream occasionally participates on these sites but these are not official support channels and you should not expect to receive a response.

There is a General Chat Conpherence room on this install, and you can ask questions in Ponder. These are not upstream support channels and you may not receive a response to questions, but someone in the community may be able to point you in the right direction.