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Diviner Phabricator User Docs Configuring Accounts and Registration

Configuring Accounts and Registration
Phabricator User Documentation (Configuration)

Describes how to configure user access to Phabricator.


Phabricator supports a number of login systems. You can enable or disable these systems to configure who can register for and access your install, and how users with existing accounts can login.

Methods of logging in are called Authentication Providers. For example, there is a "Username/Password" authentication provider available, which allows users to log in with a traditional username and password. Other providers support logging in with other credentials. For example:

  • Username/Password: Users use a username and password to log in or register.
  • LDAP: Users use LDAP credentials to log in or register.
  • OAuth: Users use accounts on a supported OAuth2 provider (like GitHub, Facebook, or Google) to log in or register.
  • Other Providers: More providers are available, and Phabricator can be extended with custom providers. See the "Auth" application for a list of available providers.

By default, no providers are enabled. You must use the "Auth" application to add one or more providers after you complete the installation process.

After you add a provider, you can link it to existing accounts (for example, associate an existing Phabricator account with a GitHub OAuth account) or users can use it to register new accounts (assuming you enable these options).

Recovering Administrator Accounts

If you accidentally lock yourself out of Phabricator, you can use the bin/auth script to recover access to an administrator account. To recover access, run:

phabricator/ $ ./bin/auth recover <username>

...where <username> is the admin account username you want to recover access to. This will give you a link which will log you in as the specified administrative user.

Managing Accounts with the Web Console

To manage accounts from the web, login as an administrator account and go to /people/ or click "People" on the homepage. Provided you're an admin, you'll see options to create or edit accounts.

Manually Creating New Accounts

There are two ways to manually create new accounts: via the web UI using the "People" application (this is easiest), or via the CLI using the accountadmin binary (this has a few more options).

To use the CLI script, run:

phabricator/ $ ./bin/accountadmin

Some options (like setting passwords and changing certain account flags) are only available from the CLI. You can also use this script to make a user an administrator (if you accidentally remove your admin flag) or create an administrative account.

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