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No user images propagate through Azure CDN
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On my Azure-hosted Phabricator instance, there are zero user images that are found on the Azure CDN. No macros, mockups, profile photos, nor files are retrievable. All other content seems to work fine. Every Phabricator image, css, js, etc. loads just fine. It's been two days since the CDN was turned on and it is exclusively user-uploaded images that are failing. The images are not restrained to a specific type: gifs as well as jpgs fail.

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I think this problem is with Azure, your configuration with Azure, etc, since if it was a generic issue serving files we'd be hearing more about it.

If you can debug this on your side to a specific software issue in Phabricator then we're happy to take a look.

Also, if self-hosting is proving too tricky, there's always

Finally, please review

I would disagree. The fact that all other assets are available through CDN, including images, leads me to believe that it must be at least one of the following: Phabricator is not generating the correct urls for these images while a CDN is setup and enabled, or Phabricator has some weird authentication issue.

I'm getting to a Phabricator 404 page, which then leads me to a login page. This makes me think that I need to be authenticated via our OAuth method (Google) for this CDN domain, but trying to login at that page doesn't do anything except give me:

Unhandled Exception ("Exception")
Your browser did not submit a "phcid" cookie with client state information in the request. Check that cookies are enabled. If this problem persists, you may need to clear your cookies.

I actually just checked the URI formation and it appears to be good.