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meme can't show CJK language with 'above' option.
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Macro double-facepalm: 아..망했어

{meme, src="double-facepalm", above="아..망했어" }

meme can't show CJK language. (above thing is Korean).

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Try replacing the stock font with one that supports extended character sets? By default we support Tuffy and Impact, but you can modify the code to support other extended sets.

Ah.. I missed the manual again ;;
I'll try it. Thanks : )

seungrye claimed this task.

I copied CJK font to reosurces/fonts/impact.ttf, then it worked.
Invalid Reporting. Close issue.

Thanks : )

@terro, you should be able to follow the comments here and install a CJK font resource to your install.