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Inline Comments disappeared from Differential revisions
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Not that long time ago, all the inline comments were visible both inside the side-by-side code diff, and also in the comments section in Differential revision. We have updated to 20150211.gita3f380a-1.fc20 yesterday and all our inline comments disappeared from comments section. Now it just says Inline Comments, but doesn't show anything.


This makes it extremely hard to see what was going on (especially in the second example ticket), because the only way to see the inline comments is to go one by one revision update history, display each of those changes and find the inline comments.

However, if I look at some of your Diffs in this Phab instance, I can still see the inline comments:

That fills me with hope that what we see is actually a bug and not an intentional change :-) The question is, why are our inline comments not displayed? Can I debug this somehow?


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The links you posted above are not of HEAD, I don't know what your process for updating your Phabricator instance is, but it's quite behind HEAD and like you noted, looks pretty buggy. We don't support bugs found in other distributions / guides. lists how to update Phabricator per the upstream.

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Going to close this as it seems the bug is solely related to the RPM. We don't support installation from anywhere other than our documents, though people provide other means. With have no ability to provide quality control in those cases, please contact that author or install / update per our documentation.