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Editing a task undos changes by others in the same period
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  1. Create a task
  2. Click the edit button and change the task description
  3. Someone else comments on the task and thus adds himself as a subscriber
  4. Save the description
  5. Observe that by saving you also removed the new subscriber (his comment stays, though)

Actually happened in T7339.

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devurandom raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.
devurandom updated the task description. (Show Details)
devurandom added a project: Maniphest.
devurandom added a subscriber: devurandom.
btrahan closed this task as Wontfix.EditedFeb 20 2015, 4:33 PM
btrahan claimed this task.

We don't have live updates at this time and don't plan to have them. T7339 was, in fact, no big deal.

I could swear there is an ongoing open task to track this very issue but can't find it.