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Consider CodeMirror or similar for leaving comments on code reviews
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I often want to type a code example in response to a diff (e.g. "consider doing it this way!"), but <textarea> is a pretty awful interface for writing out code. It'd be awesome to have an editor which could at least keep an indent from one line to the next.

Possibly worth a separate issue, but I've always wanted a "Suggest Change" feature where I could just edit the reviewed code directly and the author would have a button (or arc command) to accept the suggestion and patch it into their local copy.

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We don't have plans to pursue these in the upstream. Specifically, anything like CodeMirror or text editing inside Phabricator would have to be custom built (we're not going to depend on externals unless absolutely necessary for security reasons). That lands these requests into the realm of exceeding complex to build and very limited use in the user base, unfortunately. :-( covers more about feature requests.

Gotcha, yeah I would definitely shy away from trying to rebuild something like CodeMirror.

Thanks for the thoughtful response :)