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When on a phabricator wiki page, make search search in the wiki
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One of the friction points of using Phriction is that searching the wiki is kind of a pain. You have to filter the search to be of document type "wiki pages", which is an extra step that many people miss. Can the search bar do a better thing, or can the wiki have a second search bar?

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Hey Chad,

I don't think this is quite the same issue.

This is a usability problem that's affecting a lot of people at Dropbox,
and there are different ways to approach it than just providing a typeahead

For example, you could imagine another search box inside the current
application (providing visual separation) that searches just that

The Wiki is a bit of a special case here, because people conceptualise it
as being much more separate from the code review / revisions / bugs that is
the rest of Phabricator.

We're not likely to pursue a second search bar per application, we feel it's the wrong solution and fixing the main search bar is the path we're interested in globally.

T4475's description seemed similar in scope to me:

Basically, I think the expected behavior (at least of our users) is that if you're in Phriction, a search will default to Phriction

Would welcome your additional feedback on resolving that issue there. Also, Search runs on the ApplicationSearch architecture. So people, say if they are only Wiki users, can change their defaults in Search to return those results by default.

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