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Show prefix or project for commits in feeds
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Sometimes, especially when people are mostly tied to a single project, they often omit the project as context in their commit, so you wind up with "Fix crash on malformed usernames" instead of "a - Fix crash on malformed usernames"

This makes the audit, differential, and diffusion views a little harder to use in feeds that are not tied to a specific project. I attached an ss from the phabricator phabricator of a commit that I think could benefit from some free context.

This would be especially helpful in SVN because a common way to structure repositories is:

so it would be nice to see that all the files changed were in /b/trunk{F272425}

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Hmmm, based on what you merged this with, I don't think you quite understood what I was saying.

I'm talking about just showing extra context which is already present in the {diff, commit, audit}. I'm not talking for any automatic association between commits and projects.

Basically, what I'm saying is: Can we use some of the info phabricator already has to make the context of commit messages like the one in my screenshot more apparent?

Please see regarding requesting features here. Mostly, we just need to know the problem you are having, ie, 'when I read my feed, the message isn't helpful since I don't know X, Y, or Z'. Based on you wanting additional context for a commit, T6973 seemed correct.

Overall, this sounds more like a company culture issue, ie, developers are not including all information needed in a commit. This should be resolved at the company level, and we're unlikely to pursue any feature like this in the upstream for some time. For example, requiring devs add a Phabricator Project hashtag (#myproject) in their commit message, would already provide feed with the additional information you seek.

The issue I'm having is exemplified in the attached screenshot.

Commits in projects, submodules, directories, etc. lack context in the feeds. The context exists, I was just hoping to have it displayed (vs. T6973 which wants to add more context).

ie, developers are not including all information needed in a commit.

I disagree. All the information I want is already in phabricator (either the common path prefix or the "" value from the .arcconfig)

For example, requiring devs add a Phabricator Project hashtag (#myproject) in their commit message

But I don't inherently want to associate it with a project; I'm just trying to display more context in whatever feed the event happens to be viewed in

Hope I'm not coming off as too argumentative, just trying to make sure we're definitely talking about the same thing.

Problem: items don't always show enough context to make sense of them from feeds. Example in screenshot.

In the screenshot provided, all the commits I see have all the context I need to make sense of them. I can further click on them for additional context. There is the callsign, the message, and if a project is tagged, it should show up as well. That is currently all the information we intend to provide against all three VCS we provide support for.

My concern is the solution you are suggesting (provide path info) only improves Phabricator for a small number of SVN installs (1?) and we have to find a more generalized solution that would benefit lots of users. Either way, the additional information can be gotten a variety of means, which resolves the issue exactly how each install would likely want it resolved. A general solution might not be what your install wants, and there isn't much more we can do about that, we neither have improvements to feed scheduled anytime soon (3-5 years out), nor the team size to hunt down minor edge cases such as this with any great thought. T4778 covers how we prioritize.

Yeah, understood, certainly wasn't suggesting that this be a priority.

And agree that obviously the info is available by going deeper.

Just though it would be nice to have context in feed too since there's usually space anyways. I guess other people don't get much value out of that though.

As a note, the title tagging you did in D13040: [Redesign] Add back limited header-color options, is basically how I've been having users do this in my install. We've been putting the logical project/branch like [branch_name] in a lot of titles to get that info into the major panels so that diffs don't require a clickthrough for context.