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Possibility to add "symbols" to the profile pictures
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The idea is to have the possibility to programmatically add some "symbols" that will be written in overlay to the profile image

This may serve for example to add some badge (e.g. in order to gamify some feature of the platform)

To create this the run-time drawing of the "simple" profile image might be substituted with a generic extendable class that might return again just the profile image of a more complex html structure representing a business card or wathever will be considered useful

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Can you cite this request into a more concrete problem you are having with Phabricator?

There is no "problem", in my case just the idea to add some badges to "award" people that use Ponder (with a complex logic of points given based on number of questions, answers, like, dislike, frequency of use, etc.)

This is now, but if the architecture will allow in future surely this gamification would be extended and with the idea of the "business card" every installation can personalize what to be seen of the person (for example in a big company the department)

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I think we'll pass on this for now (since we have no means of prioritizing it without a concrete path). It is something in general though that we've discussed for Fund.