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The view wiki item disappeared in head
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When viewing a project page, the "view wiki" link in the right menu disappeared. Both when there is a wiki page for this project and when there isn't.

So we lost the great linking of wiki and projects (major advantage for us if we completely switch to phriction)

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This change was intentional.

You can put links to the wiki on the project page in the description via Remarkup or you can implement a custom field.

A more integrated wiki is very interesting. Why did you remove this feature?

I can see a reason that the wiki created was linked by page name which might not be a good idea (the project name can change, the wiki page can be moved, etc...).

But if it is the case, why not have a solid link between each project and a wiki page using the task number as wiki title for example. You could have url scheme like this :

  • /w/p1 -> url of the wiki related to project 1
  • /w/t1 -> url of the wiki related to task 1


Wiki often end up as a pile of crap; having the existing structure of projects to help make the wiki more structured is a feature, and a very useful one imho.

As you've guessed, the expectations around the automagicalness of the wiki <--> project link were hard to get right technically. Additionally, said automagicalness was considered too rigid by some, particularly as policy controls have become available throughout Phabricator.

The real motivation though is to make sure this makes sense in our new policy-powered world. (See T4029 for lots of context.) Consider the case of the project "Security Team" that may need to lock down sub-sections of wikis, or user-facing documentation mixed in with internal-only documentation with a project. The old 1:1 coupling of projects to wikis sets up for supporting lots of user confusion on creating these scenarios, if we could even support them at all.

Feel free to leave more commentary or thoughts, but we've really thought this through and are unlikely to change it back or make significant changes here in the short or long term.

This is a regression imvho. Instead of 1:1, do many to many.

For our use case this would be the perfect balance :

  • when you create a wiki page, allow user to attach it to one or more project (the same as when you create a mock or task)
  • when you are on a project page, show the attached mocks and wiki pages (the same way as "open tasks")
  • and super bonus point : allow to put mocks and wiki pages on workboards ! (and hyper bonus point, add a new sort order on workboards to group by content type)

Allowing people to organise more is never a bad idea.
With this the workboard tool would kick some asses :-) do you see the potential for per project overview ? New users are up to speed with a project on a single page.

If needed I can fill separate tasks with wishes. Thanks again&again&again for all this btw !