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Allow project-specific information on "Create Diff" page
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The instructions for uploading / pasting a diff are found in src/applications/differential/controller/DifferentialDiffCreateController.php:
The best way to create a Differential diff is by using Arcanist, but you can also just paste a diff (for example, from svn diff, git diff or hg diff --git) into this box, or upload a diff file.
For the FreeBSD project we'd like to modify or append to this text, e.g. adding a link to project-specific information ( Would it make sense to have this text as a configurable item?

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This isn't something we'd likely build into the upstream. In general, we're very anti-configuration option (given the large cost of maintaining and increased difficulty of installing Phabricator).

This seems pretty easy to maintain in a fork/patch or probably even the base english translation file. Not completely positive about the translation file since you want to add an URL.