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Add to arcanist todo options for task visibility
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arc todo "some task" will alway be public and that might not always be a good idea.
Add option to arcanist to create a task with visibility limited to creator of task, at least.

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Can you explain the problem you are looking to solve?

Using phabricator with a various team on different project not every need to see the task I am adding to phabricator.
When I do arc todo "some task" the task is visible to all user by default. This is a problem for us as a lot of users on our platform are external contractor and don't necessary need to see what is happening in other projects.
I was thinking something like arc todo -u "me" "some task" or arc todo "my task" --private so that only the creator of the task will be able to see the task in phabricator

chad closed this task as Wontfix.Nov 5 2014, 4:58 AM
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We are not likely to pursue this in the upstream as a one-off. T3820 likely will resolve your specific use case, and we'd likely build that into Conduit/APIs, but not full-blown Policies - at least for some time.