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Detection of JIRA issue key's within commit message
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When JIRA is being used for issue management along with Phabricator controlled VCS (internal or external) it's a common practice to place JIRA issue keys into commit messages to indicate association of these commits to particular issue(-s).

There is also JIRA Issues field (I guess it's only visible if I enabled JIRA as Authentication Provider), when creating new Differential revision, which could make use of that practice.

How I see this working:

  1. makes changes in ArcanistDiffWorkflow::parseCommitMessagesIntoFields method
  2. look at message of each given commit for JIRA issue keys
  3. if found, then add \nJIRA Issues: {issue key1}, {issue key2}, ... {issue keyN} to the end of commit message

Of what I'm unsure is:

  1. what if there are 2+ commits and each of them has issue key in them, then which commit message will be scanned to fill in the new/existing Differential Revision template that is shown after that
  2. how do determine, that JIRA integration is enabled and this issue key lookup should be applied
  3. from where parse JIRA issue keys: summary or message or both or just one of them

I'm willing to implement this.

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