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Better workflow for flaging workboards
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Currently you can flag a project, but then you are still two clicks from /flag to the workboard (since you need to go to the project detail page first). I've thought of two options:

  • Workboards can be flaged directly
  • The flag results page for projects also includes a url to that projects workboard

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I use Dashboards to bookmark Projects.

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Generally speaking, this is Wishlist at best, which puts it several years or decades out. I think there are likely better solutions hopefully for you that would get built sooner. T5867 and T4890 come to mind.

Yeah, in thinking about this a bit, T5867 covers quickly getting to anything on Phabricator and T418 possibly covers making Flags emit different fields. Although that may be a bit of a stretch. Either way, global bookmarks are something that are likely useful to everyone who uses Phabricator, and will likely be driven by Flags (which might change to Bookmarks).