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Report generation. Any?
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Our safety related firmware/software development needs final third party certification. We need to demonstrate the assessment team we followed the standards (mostly IEC 61508) during our development process. The software development requires code reviews we used to do on paper sheets and, now, we are trying to move to Phabricator. First tests in a code review session were a success and everyone's happy about the lack of paper and the power of the Differential tool.
BUT: we still need a final report, a PDF that could be created from a differential or audit application and, that, summarizes the acivity including e.g.:

  • Project headings
  • Summary
  • Test Plan
  • List of comments to the code being reviewed
  • Revision update history

with or without the diff code itself (to be included only for small diffs).

We would use this report to demonstrate, with a single document, the review activity on a project to the third party assessors.

Is there a way to do this? The browser print command can't quite cut it and I did not find a report generation command in phabricator docs or googling around.
We can of course open a word processor and, cutting and pasting, write a report on the review activity but other than being a royal pain in our back it would be less error prone and clearly a big time saver to have a report button for that on the right page.

Thank you,

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Sorry, we don't provide reports at this time. The main issue here being only a very small number of installs want some sort of specialized report and none of them want the same type of report. Facts will eventually provide a data framework in Phabricator, but it is not on any immediate roadmap.