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Integrate Phame with Dashboard Panels
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It would be very useful to add Phame blog posts as an option when creating a panel in the dashboard.
Use case : Make the company community alive and updated.

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jsavalle created this task.Oct 8 2014, 11:40 AM
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chad triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Oct 8 2014, 2:13 PM
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Just my 2 cents -- I would find it very useful if there was a dashboard panel that could display an arbitrary atom feed -- including, of course, a Phame feed.

eadler added a subscriber: eadler.May 31 2015, 4:34 PM

I would like to use this to keep my users updated about recent changes of our Phabricator instance.

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chad closed this task as Resolved.Jul 22 2015, 10:17 PM

Resolved-ish, will improve more down the road.

urzds added a subscriber: urzds.Jul 12 2017, 11:15 AM