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How to get custom fields and their values from $task
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I am actually playing around with the Excel Exporter formats and it seems pretty straightforward. However, in the part of the code that field values are written to cells, I cannot find how to get custom fields. Can anyone point me to the right source code or documentation? Thanks!

To be exact, I am looking at phabricator/src/applications/maniphest/export/ManiphestExcelDefaultFormat.php
I tried to do my homework by going through the source code for query and viewer, with no luck...

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✘ Merged into T5391.

So it is currently unavailable, right? I have seen the thread of the issue to which this is merged.

Correct, we don't currently support this. We prefer to keep just one task on the topic, so if you are wanting to take a crack at building this, follow up on T5391. IRC help may be available, someone is usually around during "working" hours.