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Expand file with comments
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Differential collapses files which has no changes between revision updates. This makes it hard to find unreplied comments. It would be nice if files with comments remained expanded.

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โœ˜ Merged into T5654.

I'm merging this in mostly because I think the root issue is the same between these tasks, and if we solve things correctly, then everyone should be satisfied.

I get that. Just afraid of T5654 becoming bigger and take too long.

I believe T4896 is reasonably underway, but I don't have any further info than that. There is a lot of technical debt to get through before we can truly start to improve Differential.

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โœ˜ Merged into T4633.

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@pran1hiva this is a working install, please dont merge tasks.

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I'm making a few guesses here, but I think we should just close this in favor of T1460.

The big guess is that the workflow here is get a whole bunch of feedback in the form of inline comments, and then address some subset of those inline comments, and then update the revision, hoping the remaining inline comments would stick around so you can keep whittling down the list. I think T1460 with the "done" stuff does a better job of this. See T1460#19 for more details on technical spec and what the product will look like.

I think as requested that workflows that aren't this "todo" workflow would suffer from having the comments stick around. In general, the comments are tied to a specific changeset; if a new changeset is added by running arc diff again, etc there are no comments by definition.

I do not think we should merge this since its orthogonal in a way to T1460 - while it may serve similar workflow purposes its a very different way to make the product serve the workflow.