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Allow custom boolean fields to search for unchecked/off state.
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(7/15/2014 4:28:52 PM) bluehawk: i have a custom filed that is a boolean. I want to search for all tasks in project X where the field is NOT checked. But the only options on the dropdown for a boolean are "(any)" and "Require"
(7/15/2014 4:28:59 PM) bluehawk: any way to search for unchecked things?
(7/15/2014 4:42:15 PM) epriestley: bluehawk: there's no way to search for off/false right now -- we can add one, but it's a little messy because it has to account for both "off" and "no value".
(7/15/2014 4:55:26 PM) bluehawk: epriestley: what's the difference between "off" and "no value" as far as a checkbox is concerned? as far as I can tell, in the maniphest_customfieldstorage and maniphest_customfieldnumericindex an unchecked field just has no rows
(7/15/2014 4:57:29 PM) epriestley: Oh, you might be right. The relevant issue is that PhabricatorCursorPagedPolicyAwareQuery::buildApplicationSearchJoinClause() and related functions don't currently have logic to build NULL joins.

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