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Workboard panel for dashboard
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It would be nice to see the current status of a workboard as a dashboard panel.

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What is "Current Status" for a Workboard. Do you just want to be able to build a ManiphestQuery targeting a Project/Board specifically? Or something else entirely?

I am not the OP, but I thought of an inline rendering of the Workboard when I read the task, which I would find an immediate use for at our place.

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@chad, I made a basic implementation. It's horribly broken (the workboard should be in the "test") panel. I will be submitting a diff in sometime when I figure things out. But I'll need lot of help figuring some stuff out.

Screenshot_2014-06-27_17.41.19.png (1×980 px, 202 KB)

I can REALLY see value in this feature. Think about keeping a company roadmap on the main dashboard of everyone on the dashboard. It currently takes 3-4 clicks to reach the right workboard and this would be awesome for us.

You can make a projects panel and get 1 click access right now.

I have added a revision for this: D9754 still a ton of work to go but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this in a shippable condition :)

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We don't have plans to pursue this in the upstream, being able to make dashboard panels by column would likely solve most use cases here.