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Phriction bullet points are wonky when in phriction when referenced maniphest
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huh. Can't drag and drop screenshots from my tablet...maybe I'll save that for another task, eh?

I'll upload the screenshots when I get a chance later.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Chrome Beta 35

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Also wonky from within maniphest itself.

We also don't support development browsers, just regular shipping ones. A screenshot would be great. Thanks!

I finally got around to uploading those screenshots.
I also checked the affected pages after the commits, still the same.

Screenshot_2014-05-18-14-46-12.png (600×1 px, 93 KB)

Screenshot_2014-05-18-15-50-24.png (600×1 px, 67 KB)

Screenshot_2014-05-18-01-25-19.png (1×600 px, 139 KB)

Thank @Yomi, that is the bug I fixed at HEAD. If you have issues after you've updated, please let us know. We don't keep always at HEAD.

The bug specifically, is there are two rendering engines in Chrome. So bugs appear in some versions, but not others. Chrome/Android tends to be the outlier that is the most buggy.