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Notifications User Guide: Setup and Configuration needs npm init
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Hi guys I noticed in

under the section titled 'Installing Node and Modules'
We need to run

phabricator/support/aphlict/server/ $ npm init

before running

phabricator/support/aphlict/server/ $ npm install ws

Else the install errors out

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See Contributing Bug Reports, specifically we need a full set of steps the upstream can reproduce to see the issue locally. I've installed Phabricator dozens of times on various platforms and never needed this command.

Sorry Chad,

I probably won't have time to contribute that level of detail.
I'll update the task if I find time


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No problem, without knowing how to reproduce an issue or see it locally, we can't really move forward here. Will close out and if it comes up again with another user and reproduction steps, we can re-visit. Thanks!