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Lost diffusion git repos?
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phabricator 19aac8e8d3be3676cbe8e064f38f428c67c451c3 (May 5 2016)
arcanist c58f1b9a2507488b2152473dd1f0bbc7e99c09c1 (Apr 29 2016)
phutil e499b37f5dd3865ebc376bc1f6b32cc09b0fc826 (May 5 2016)

Difficult to provide reproduction steps for I don't know how it's happened.

We have Phabricator running on an active-passive Apache cluster and storage replicated between nodes using DRBD.

We noticed today that some of our diffusion repos were missing in the interface, but their numbered directories are still within the file system.

I've had a look at phabricator/bin/repository command to see if I can point it at the directories and reimport the repositories, but it doesn't appear to have that option (it seems to require a valid repo name for them, and I don't have one - because they're missing...). I've read online that there is an Import Existing Repository function - but I'm not seeing that either.

Does anyone know how I can do this?


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We don't take bug reports without reproduction steps and we don't support older versions of Phabricator.

See Support Resources for how to get general community help with Phabricator. Thanks!

(We've not heard any similar issues like this, unfortunately).