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(An Untitled Masterwork)

Authored by bluehawk on Jul 28 2014, 11:19 PM.
mpeters@DEV-MPETERS /f/bin/libphutil (master)
$ arc help --trace
libphutil loaded from 'F:\bin\libphutil\src'.
arcanist loaded from 'F:\bin\arcanist\src'.
Config: Reading user configuration file "F:\Users\mpeters\AppData\Roaming/.arcrc"...
Config: Did not find system configuration at "F:\ProgramData\Phabricator/Arcanist/config".
Working Copy: Reading .arcconfig from "F:\bin\libphutil/.arcconfig".
Working Copy: Path "f:\bin\libphutil" is part of `git` working copy "F:\bin\libphutil".
Working Copy: Project root is at "F:\bin\libphutil".
Config: Did not find local configuration at "F:\bin\libphutil\.git\arc/config".
arc - arcanist, a code review and revision management utility

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