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diff --git a/src/docs/user/userguide/users.diviner b/src/docs/user/userguide/users.diviner
--- a/src/docs/user/userguide/users.diviner
+++ b/src/docs/user/userguide/users.diviner
@@ -72,6 +72,11 @@
The **Mailing List** role for an account can not be changed after the account
is created.
+Some options can be configured for mailing lists by browsing to the list user's
+profile and clicking {nav Edit Settings}. You can change the addresss for a
+list by editing "Email Addresses" here, choose the language and format for
+email the list receives, and customize which actions the list is notified about.
**Mailing List** accounts differ from normal accounts in that they:
- can not log in;

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