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Halp - how get policy control into batch editor?

Authored by btrahan on Apr 2 2014, 6:37 PM.



Ref T4675. Getting the policy control into the batch editor is a bit tricky since the policy control is JS wizardy bound to a single object in the vanilla case. Tossing up this non-working diff for guidance as I don't want to waste time on a bad solution. I think we need to get this working well for the herald case too. We could possibly have a weaker version that doesn't allow for creating new custom policies.

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oh man this is a huge mess

I think the cleanest approach is to do something similar to the Typeahead:

  • Separate the control into "template" (dumb blob of HTML) and "js magic" parts, like the Tokenizer/Typeahead are.
  • Put the "js magic" part in some separate Javascript class (JX.PhabricatorPolicyControl).
  • Make the existing behavior a thin wrapper around "pass all this stuff to the JS magic", so it basically does new JX.PhabricatorPolicyControl().setStuff(...).start().
  • From the batch editor, drop the template into the document and then create a new JX.PhabricatorPolicyControl and call all the set() junk to give it magic.

This is probably an ass-ton of work. I don't think this feature is too important, so maybe deprioritize it for now? If anyone runs into an issue I can give them a 5 line script to make the adjustment they want. Or take a shot at the above, but I was thinking this was like a 5-minute fix when prioritizing.

Yeah, I'll de-prioritize for now, but I'd like to take a whack at it later.