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131 msPhutilLibraryTestCase::testMethodVisibility
Assertion failed, expected 'true' (at PhutilLibraryTestCase.php:146): Class "ArcanistMercurialLocalState" implements method "saveStash" with the wrong visibility. The method has visibility "public", but it is defined in parent "ArcanistRepositoryLocalState" with visibility "protected". In Phabricator, a method which overrides another must always have the same visibility.
0 msAbstractDirectedGraphTestCase::testCyclicGraph
1 assertion(s) passed.
4 msAbstractDirectedGraphTestCase::testEdgeLoadFailure
1 assertion(s) passed.
0 msAbstractDirectedGraphTestCase::testNonTreeGraph
1 assertion(s) passed.
0 msAbstractDirectedGraphTestCase::testNoncyclicGraph
1 assertion(s) passed.
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